“Finishing The Hat”*

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

(January sky’s “Waxing Crescent” is the “Wolf Moon”, rising fullest on the 17th.)

A customer came into the store where I work part-time. She asked, if I’m “the lady who adopted a little dog from my mother-in-law?” Adding, “She sent me in here to find out how the adoption is going.”

“Of course! I’m the adopter. Tell your mother-in-law that I love the little masked dog. Everything is going well. She’s adjusted to my home, is fun and nearly fearless, has turned into a leader of my larger, herding-types, runs and plays with them. Her dose of Jack Russell dominates, she’s a nonstop zoomer.”

The woman laughed, “I’m glad to know she’s in a great home. Mom was pretty sure the decision to leave her with you was correct, although it happened quickly.”

“I understood she had been rescued, but have wondered from what kind of situation. Honestly, she already knows lots. She has a good recall, chases and fetches balls, rides nicely in a car, is leash-trained, and is very smart. Why was she rescued?”

“Her owner was a man, impatient and not always treating her well. He felt relieved about turning over the dog to someone else. My family worked a bit with her to do a little training. We wanted to make sure she would be adopted by somebody who’d really care for her.”

“Well, she’s in the right place. She has space for running with her buddies, sleeps in my bed, and on my days off goes everywhere with me.”

That woman and I are planning to meet at the store on one of my days off. I’ll have Mitzvah there, too. We’ll take pictures to reassure her mother-in-law that the pup has a loving home.

It’s so cool. The woman giving me the little dog, about a month ago, was traveling home to another Oregon city, and had stopped to buy a leash. She’s following-up, too. While handing Mitzvah over to me, she said her son often comes into the store and he’d ask about the pup. I’ve looked for him, wondered why the rescue. Now, knowing some of Mitzvah’s history, a larger story takes shape.

Next steps for the pup: (1) a veterinarian visit to learn if she’s spayed, and to get needed puppy shots, and (2) afterwards, a play date with Petey, the Gilberts’ Border Terrier. They’ll be an awesome combination, of “energetic littles”!

Dear Friends: In a time of hard-to-find small adoptables, that’s a mitzvah. Diana

*Reference to lyrics, from “Sunday In The Park with George”, by Stephen Sondheim

3 thoughts on ““Finishing The Hat”*

  1. A key factor in my workplace happiness, so many customers who bring along their adopted pets. Often the animals are from such as Street Dog Rescue and other organizations that transport strays and unwanteds, from foreign countries, and make them available to caring Americas.

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