Calendar, 2022

Thursday, January 06, 2022

(January sky’s “Waxing Crescent”, or the “Wolf Moon”, will rise fullest on the 17th.)

My friend Susie showed up with a New Year’s surprise that knocked my socks off. She has created a large 2022 calendar, loaded with many best and fun photos from my various blogs.

Each month’s header is a fine capture of one of my beloved animals. Date spaces are populated with photos of key moments. There are horseback rides, full-moon chases, and strolls with animals. Susie is an intrepid planner, so date boxes trigger birthdays and special events.

Wonderful photos, beautiful memories. And ahead a whole year for more. Oh my, oh my!

Her creativity and our browse through the calendar generated fresh ideas. We recalled exciting moon chases and witnessing full moons rising, all visually beautiful. We’ve seen first-lights breaking total darkness, watched new globes move upward through complex clouds that alternately obscure and reveal a light’s journey.

Waiting in total darkness for a moon to rise, and eagerly anticipating sudden light.

Our joy in this experience must be primitive. Susie and I might be re-enacting human behavior since time immemorial, in moments of first-light penetrating darkness. During future full-moon chases we’ll try capturing more of that excitement and creatively sharing the fun.

At each month’s beginning, the blog’s header photo will be of that month’s calendar page.

By the way, inspired by her husband, youngest son, and a woman friend who motorcycles, Susie has obtained a learner’s permit and practices motorcycle-driving on local streets. Kudos to her bravery and determination!

Dear Friends: Moments with Susie can generate whirlwinds of activities. Diana

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