Saturday, January 08, 2022

(January sky’s “Waxing Crescent”, or the “Wolf Moon”, will rise fullest on the 17th.)

I drove way south of town to Josh’s home. He has two hen turkeys and three chickens that he wants adopted-out. Recently, Josh rescued a stray Shiba Inu dog, from Korea where dogs routinely are fed chickens. He’s found his new dog is a determined chicken-killer, but otherwise a fine pet.

Josh has owned chickens for years, says he’ll plan being without more for a long while. His current turkeys and chickens are young. Last spring, Josh obtained two just-born hen turkeys, intending to raise and slaughter them for Thanksgiving. But the birds grew into easy, sweet companions, and just before Thanksgiving began laying eggs. Josh had become attached and altered his holiday meal plans.

Those turkeys were my first experience with such big birds. Both were beautiful, very friendly, and easy to stroke. They seemed to enjoy being touched. All right, so I fell in love.

Ahead I be wrestling with how to create an appropriate shelter for five birds. I’ve a fenced area that’s unprotected, in three directions, from freezing weather and high winds. Unfortunately, we’re solidly into deepest-winter months. With Josh’s input, I’ve some creative-sheltering ideas.

My challenges are getting into place that shelter. Bringing home those friendly fowls, before a determined dog manages to grab one or more.

As to turkey eggs. Josh says they taste slightly gamey, and says they’re good!

Dear Friends: Promising those turkeys and chickens never to become dinners. Diana

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