Creative Collaborating

Sunday, January 09, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon”, having waxed to First Quarter, will rise at fullest on the 17th.)

If you didn’t notice yesterday evening’s quarter “Wolf Moon”, you missed a beaut. It’s hard to await the Moon’s fullest version. To feel the joy of seeing it begin to rise, and first-glow above a dark horizon.

As deep winter reigns, Dark January’s “Wolf Moon” compels. This season needs light!

Susie and I are fullest-moon chasers. Guided by her compass, we travel to some spot, very dark in the desert, to await a fullest moon’s earliest rising.

We don’t think about much except the natural new light and how to use our cameras and binoculars. But we feel excited about an increasing globe adding new light. While working toward capturing, we’re laughing and dancing.

Glimpsing any month’s fullest moon is joyous. Especially, while in darkness and peering toward an almost invisible horizon. That first light appearing has a powerful affect, by inspiring delight and incredible happiness.

It’s difficult to explain, but Susie and will attempt. In a new adventure of combining talents, we’ll comb through past photos and blogs to capture our nearly year’s-worth of Moon Chases. We’ll arrange our adventures, sightings, and descriptions in an order to create a narrative.

A worthy idea!

Dear Friends: We’ve done most of the work, now to review, arrange, expand. Diana

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