Friday, January 14, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon”, now Waxing Gibbous, will rise as month’s fullest moon on the 17th.)

Recently, I enjoyed a couple hours on Facetime with my longest-time friend, Jan. She still lives in Kansas City where I spent my young adult years. Over time, our lives moved in different directions, but periodically, we re-find and rekindle deep connections.

We matured in a city that offered easy availability to culture. We centered our activities in the City’s Plaza. We hung out around large fountains studded with magnificent sculptures, spent time at the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery. We discussed art and its impact, watched movies old and new, and delved into creativity’s deep messages and meanings.

With Jan and me, there’s magic of freely talking, mutually appreciating and learning.

It’s one thing, needing to express perceptions and feelings. That needs an environment that invites open exchanges. Art and movies can create one.

Jan and I spent hours at The Atkins staring at canvases. We loved works by Thomas Hart Benton, a modern, timeless artist who lived in Kansas City. Benton’s works flow visually. They poetically capture moments and a timelessness that expresses an “always”. We delved into his brush strokes, intentions, messages.

It was the same with films–seeing, feeling, thinking, analyzing, discussing. We parked perceptions in our brains for more developing later. We were young, enthusiastic idealists.

This week via Facetime, we nodded to fading idealism, but shared non-fading enthusiasm for creativity and style. After discussing current cultural trends, we assigned ourselves “movie tasks”. In upcoming weeks, each will watch films the other considers fine. Then we’ll meet and discuss via Facetime.

It’s a relief to speak freely, listen actively, not fearing of someone diminishing enthusiasm. The best label for individuals feeling connected, appreciated, and valuable, is therapy.

Dear Friends: It’s off to movies, via streaming, and creators’ visions, via YouTube. Diana

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