Future Shock

Saturday, January 15, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon”, now Waxing Gibbous, will rise as month’s fullest moon on the 17th.)

This will be short for I’m due at work in a couple of hours. Before leaving I have animals inside and outside waiting for their food. On these early-to-work days I arise earlier than usual to write a blog, and sometimes like today, become involved with the news and lose track of time.

Briefly, I’m reading a special edition from “The Economist”, entitled “The World Ahead 2022”. It’s a worldwide summary of trends in leadership, technology, finance, weaponry, space, potential threats of war, and all else causing wonder. Every chapter is laced with fallout from the pandemic, social divisiveness, tensions among superpowers, and supply chain woes.

A big deal is what might evolve in terms of our working lives. People working from home raise challenges about how to keep everything fair among all employees. In other words, those who choose to return to the office have an advantage of being able to suck up to the boss.

Future worries are hampering my creativity. At the bottom line, 2022 may be a game-changer. Here in America, the mid-term elections will affect all our lives.

These days, a question rages, what is Democracy?

Dear Friends: Happily, the moon will glow, has a dependable schedule. Diana

2 thoughts on “Future Shock

  1. You ask what is Democracy? Rhetorical question, given the U.S. Constitution? Is Democracy “one person one vote?” If so, only simple ballot questions like passing a School or Library Bond Measure are really democratic (one person one vote). Otherwise, it’s all a Representative Republic. Therein lies the problem. Many of our issues today can be traced back to the way the Constitution set up the composition of the U.S. Senate, and the Electoral College.


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