Behowling Moonlight

Now the hungry lion roars
And the wolf behowls the moon,
Whilst the heavy ploughman snores
All with weary task foredone.

(from: Pyramus and Thisbe)

Sunday, January 16, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon”, now Waxing Gibbous, will rise tomorrow as this month’s fullest moon.)

The now waxing moon is gorgeous in a sky that’s clearer. Early today, Wolf Moon is visible straight over west and setting behind the Cascades. Our warming weather and inviting atmosphere will provide good conditions tomorrow as Susie and I experience and photograph the full Wolf Moon.

Fortunately, I’ll be off from work tomorrow and free to chase that moon.

I’ve been considering the moon’s continuous appeal and subconscious significance to humans since time immemorial. My thoughts about the moon might be perceptive, but too little so to grasp its forever impact and meaningfulness vis a vis humans.

So, I’ll embark on research, part of which will be re-reading some Shakespeare works. He describes as well as, or better than anyone, “Moon’s impact”. I hope to build a larger narrative around Susie’s and my moon chasing experiences this past year. I’ll be looking for history and intelligence to enlighten and strengthen our experiences.

At the very least Susie and I will learn. At the very best, we will design a narrative to share with everybody.

Dear Friends: While watching Wolf Moon use your imagination, sense your feelings. Diana

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