February’s “Wolf Moon”

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waning Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises @ fullest on February 16.)

Susie and I missed an earliest sight of the rising Wolf Moon for not finding an unemcumbered horizon. Upon spotting an already rising moon just above a horizon of trees that lined a huge field, we hurried to park and start capturing.

This rise was unique for occurring in still-daylight. So early, that by turning we could witness a spectacular sunset.

Farther away by hundreds of yards sunlight illuminated a portion of the Cascades, and in the foreground these dozing drafts.

The magnificant moon continuing to rise, appeared smaller with increasing height.

We’ve photographed nearly a year’s worth of moonrises, and never in so much remaining daylight. Yesterday’s unique evening gave us enough light to photograph the moon, our country surroundings, and parts of the mountain range.

As the light faded, and in a scene reminiscent of the long-ago Movietone TravelLogs that closed with a waning sunset, we bade farewell to the sun.

Except for its reflecting light, revealing January’s fullest moon. We enjoyed seeing that while hanging out and talking in Susie’s Mobile Moon Chaser.

Dear Friends: So much beauty out east in the middle of “nowhere”. Diana

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