Too-Smart Virus

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waning Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises @ fullest on February 16.)

At my part-time job, one among our cash-register team became infected with Covid. She’d not been vaccinated and worked a couple of days with Covid while considering it a cold. Afterward, she was away from work for several days. Now working again, she says she’s fully recovered.

She’s young and seems recovered. A number of workers in the store haven’t been vaccinated. I can’t help wondering if others might have been affected by working alongside her during her active bout with the virus.

I haven’t noticed personal symptoms of illness. I’ve received the requisite three jabs, and wear a mask while in public and at work. However, I’m in a vulnerable group, associated with age and background health. I’ve accepted the known risk of “being out there” because working part-time with others is meaningful and worthwhile.

Without going into the yeas and nays of ignoring or dealing with Corona Virus and its mutations, I applaud Joe Biden’s recent anti-virus move. I’ve ordered the virus test kits he’s making available online. The Post Office will start shipping them next week.

Those at-home kits will allow self-testing for the virus, at the earliest signs of a “cold”. A positive result will justify seeking early care in the game.

Receiving home-based tools to recognize the virus helps. Additionally, our health care system must be prepared and capable of providing care to those who come forward after self-testing. Health care capacity is a huge issue, maybe a future blog topic.

First, let’s get those self-tests. They will by degrees boost our assurance.

Dear Friends: This “smart virus” has and still alters worldwide social systems. Diana

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