Twilight Surrounds

Farm ‘neath The Cascades

Thursday, January 20, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waning Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises @ fullest on February 16.)

Today is an early to-work for me, so this is a short good morning. A good thing, too, as my brain does seem blank. Impossible, though, for always my wiring is firing.

I’m focusing ahead, on getting outside, feeding animals, and appearing on time at the store.

Actually, I’m thinking about Susie’s and my recent moon chase, remembering an interesting place where the mobile was parked. The tiny off-road spot intersected three roadways.

Road west
Road south
Road north

I love seeing road curves. They suggest the possibility of a surprise laying ahead. They’re compelling, hint at secrets, fascinating to speculate on.

My recent blog about our Wolf Moon Chase featured some of our best photos, the glorious moon, and a few twilight surroundings. I could have included the atmospheric road-trio.

Today’s a good day to blog about them. They’re lovely, and give my slightly on-hold brain a rest.

For fun, an overhead capture

Completing a circle is our Moon Chasing Mobile, in its tiny parking spot. Susie has grabbed a camera, is poised for getting an early shot of just-rising Wolf Moon.

Dear Friends: Many of my best-remembered photos are curve captures. Diana

2 thoughts on “Twilight Surrounds

  1. Your blogs about the moon have helped me tune in to that wonderful planet. I have new appreciations and awareness and really enjoy the rotations. Awesome is an overused adjective but does apply. 🥰

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