A “Chicken Chick”

Friday, January 21, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waning Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises @ fullest on February 16.)

Next week, the feed store where I work will have in stock live baby chicks to sell. Workers have been arranging brooders, setting them up, hanging heat lights. Customers are excited, and so are we cashiers.

There’s not much cuter than one- or two-day-old chickens. The store might offer baby turkeys and ducks, too.

I’ve already been arranging to adopt a couple of six-month-old turkey hens. They’ll be a satisfying pair.

In a move that surprises myself, I’ll bring home two baby ducks. It’s because I’ve eaten duck eggs and found them delicious. I’ve asked duck owners (while checking-out customers) about their experiences of having ducks. All say ducks are fun, they love having them. They say ducks easily are satisfied with a “kiddie pool” to play in. One woman has a duck that loves being harnessed and taken for walks.

Yesterday, the store gave me a surprising opportunity, to move from my position as a cashier, and instead, to handle the business of incoming chicks. I’d take care of them and assist customers interested in them. Additionally, I’d become a back-up person for the Animal Health Department. I leaped onto those changes.

Essentially, they offer a crack at representing a profit center and selling in real-time. I love animals, by nature am a sales type. Everything new should be fun. Plus, it’s a heady moment with my efforts and potential being noticed

I’m stoked!

Dear Friends: Ahead, my favorite “stuff”, new experiences and more learning. Diana

2 thoughts on “A “Chicken Chick”

  1. What a fun new opportunity. You’ll be outstanding. Steinbeck described a salesman who could sell vacuum cleaners to people w/o electricity! That would be you. Your enthusiasm is infectious!🥰

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