Day Off

Chicken egg vs. Turkey

Saturday, January 22, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waning Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises @ fullest on February 16.)

They’re here! Two hen turkeys and two Rhode Island Reds (variations).

I hurried to get them after receiving a text from Josh, their then-owner, saying his dog had just killed one of the three hen chickens I intended to adopt.

That blew a hole in my day off. My plan was to start building a coop for the fivesome, but suddently it became imperative to get them from Josh’s place. I needed to borrow housing for them, so hitched a trailer and took off.

We managed to load into the trailer a small coop, a dog kennel, and fowl care paraphernalia, feeders, waterers, and food. Josh joined me later at my home, bringing the turkeys and chickens. Grant and Bill, my neighbors, arrived to help with unloading and setting up.

Those three are long-time friends. It was Bill who facilitated the transfer of birds after learning that I wished to adopt a hen turkey. Josh and his wife intending to sell their home wanted to relocate the birds. Additionally, their recently-adopted dog has turned out to be an effective chicken killer. The dog’s last victory got us moving to transfer quickly the remaining birds.

My current chicken flock houses with my twin Dwarf Goats. The two species get along well. Often one or more chickens are hanging out on a goat’s back or just riding along.

Breeze, Poppy, Bill, Grant, Josh

The imported dog kennel allows newcomers and current residents to integrate while keeping safe both flocks. Josh managed most of the setting-up. He established the small coop at the back of the run, set up a feeder and waterer, placed the nesting boxes, and transferred birds from carriers to the coop.

Grant’s height lets him easily retrieve items from high places, and he did. Also without effort, he looped an extension cord over a tall opening. That prevents the cord from tripping humans and becoming a chew-target for critters.

The final result isn’t gorgeous. It works though until there’s time enough to make it better.

Coop, nesting boxes, & birds

About today’s caption photo. One of those girls straight went to work. That huge egg appeared on the coop floor moments after Josh installed the turkeys.

We finished the job just as dusk closed in. Then thankfully, Bill and Grant walked with me to retrieve the horses. We returned in near-darkness, each leading an equine. I prefer not to walk in the darkness alone with three large animals. In little light they see perfectly, notice quickly what’s around or ahead and sometimes startle me.

Our last look at the new coop found a quiet group. One chicken had settled on top of the coop, one turkey was parked on the perch, with the other turkey and chicken atop the nesting boxes.

And, that was my day.

Dear Friends: Wise Bill suggests pausing my plan to add two baby ducks. Diana

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