Sunday, January 23, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” is Waning Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises @ fullest on February 16.)

Today’s temperatures will reach into the low sixties. I’ll be at work.

I’ve refocused on starting my new in-store role after this week. Anticipating reduces my interest in operating a cash register, making hours of checking-out customers drag. Also, we’ve slower check-out lines in a relatively-dead time, after-the-holidays and before-another-biggie.

Soon though, we’ve two “biggies” starting. One is a company specialty labeled “Farmdays,” when all the company stores highlight and have on-sale farming and ranching products. Managers say The Farmdays are busy, with long check-out lines.

Another biggie is the soon arrival of baby chicks. Already, while being checked-out out and by phone-calling, customers are asking which day chicks will be here and what breeds. Small children accompanying shopping parents peer excitedly into now-empty brooders.

Like those children, I’m impatiently awaiting this week’s passing.

Dear Friends: Yes and anticipating, peering into those brooders. Diana

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