Turkeys & Duck Eggs

Expanded enclosure

Monday, January 24, 2022

(January’s “Wolf Moon” tonight in 3rd Qtr phase Waxing Gibbous; February’s “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

I lost blogging time this morning, trapped in a sudden failure to access my existing Word Press site.

I’ve enjoyed using the Firefox internet engine and recently updated to its newest version offering lots of internet protection. Actually, too much protection. It became time-consuming and a chore to open my sites for emails and calendar. All site re-openings required triple security checks using email and cellphone. Today finding it impossible to access my Word Press site was too much. I hurried back to good old Chrome.

The news is about my two new hen turkeys and their buddy chickens. We rushed to bring them here after their owner’s (Josh’s) dog killed one of the chickens. But my place didn’t have an appropriate coop-shelter. Josh and my neighbors Grant and Bill helped to cobble together a too-small coop and too-small enclosure. That worked okay but overly confined the turkeys.

Early yesterday, I moved a dog play pen that gave my Old Welsummer Hen outings on sunny days. The six-panel pen has a human-size door. I attached it to the too-small setup and the pen added roaming space for the new birds and lets me enter. I’ve another play pen, might try using it to add more space.

Soon the new birds could roam a bit. My subordinate rooster, beautiful Cuckoo Maran, began flirting with one of the new Rhode Island Red hens. He danced and strutted, she was ambivalent.

On a sweet note, my duck-egg supplier, Katherine, brought her stunning Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and new duck eggs into the store. What a delight that she’s not fond of duck eggs! I fixed a duck egg for dinner. It wasn’t among the largest but had a double yolk!

I’ll try to coordinate with Katherine, so next time she’s in the store there’ll be turkey eggs for her.

Dear Friends: Yesterday, delightful too in the store, greeting my next-door neighbors. Diana

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