Saturday, January 29, 2022

(Jan. “Wolf Moon” is Waning Crescent; New Moon on Jan. 31; Feb. “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

My days off from working part-time are becoming more organized. They’re not granted in two’s like a weekend but spaced as one’s. I used to be off on weekends, hanging out on day one, and being busy through day two. Now, hanging out for a day means accomplishing nothing until another day off and proving inconvenient and irritating.

Organizing equates to becoming more productive. Yesterday, I handled various seemingly little things that needed doing. Each checked-off item relaxed a bit of anxiety and made me proud of myself. Maybe it seems silly, but remember, wins exactly are that regardless of how they’re achieved.

Where I’m not winning is my wish to create a running journal. As a New Year’s resolution, I ordered a fountain pen, yes the “real thing”, and began writing in an unused notebook (this isn’t the first time I’ve planned to journal). Nearly every day I picked up that pen, opened the book, and wrote. Yesterday, I ran across that pen, remembered not having journaled for a couple of weeks.

Arguably, creating my daily blog equates to journaling. To me, it’s not enough. My blogs begin with me staring at a blank computer page. I start to type with faith that musing will amount to some logic, which often works. In a process potentially more productive and satisfying, I’d handwrite journal entries, create topics, and wind up with better-planned blogs.

I wonder why the no-journaling. One area of difficulty is my hard-to-read handwriting, more problematic than in the old days of writing mainly by hand. For years, after primarily having written using a computer keyboard, my fingers are challenged to move a pencil or pen.

Shucks, I want to write by hand again, have outputs legible and meaningful. I want my hands feeling and moving an inspiring fountain pen. I wish for black ink markings to become observations and thoughts. I hope for inspiration, interest, and maybe food for internet blogs.

Dear Friends: I intend to keep trying to achieve consistency and integration. Diana

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