Puppy Love

Sunday, January 30, 2022

(Jan. “Wolf Moon” is Waning Crescent; New Moon on Jan. 31; Feb. “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

There’s no longer a question of whether my little dog is spayed. She’s in heat. I’ve seen my male dogs becoming interested in her, and likely now, she’s most accessible. For a few days, she’ll be sequestered from the other pups.

My dogs are neutered, so no worries about them becoming dads. The problem is, she’s too little for any, except maybe my mini-Aussie, Louie. He’s her best buddy and seemed unusually intrigued by her last night. I noticed, and so she overnighted in a kennel. Today, her outside times will have me as a lone companion.

She’s mostly a Jack Russell, cuter than a bug’s ear, and almost always in action. In heat or not, she flirts with pack buddies. The others might argue among themselves but much tolerate her.

Years ago, I met someone who said he lived with five Jack Russell dogs. That was difficult then to imagine, and today almost impossible. Jacks are a beautiful breed, loyal, intelligent, and fun. But always in action, or needing and seeking action.

I love my busy little pup. She’d have cute babies. No dice, though, for spaying is in her future.

Dear Friends: Another warmish day, but this puppy will stay alone inside. Diana

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