Sunday, January 30, 2022

(New Moon tonight; February’s “Snow Moon” rises fullest on 16th.)

A customer checking out at my register said he had just been in a major grocery store and was shocked to find many shelves empty of products. At the end of that workday, I went to a supermarket looking for small coffee filters and twist-tie bread bags. On spotting nearly-empty shelves, and scouring them without seeing my needs, I remembered that customer, understood his feelings.

Coming home, I thought of small items needed or simply wanted and considered stores where they might be stocked. Logic suggested that a supply chain unable to keep a significant supermarket stocked won’t do better for other stores. At home, I did something never before considered. I shopped online, and guess what? Amazon will provide all my needs and wants within days.

This post-pandemic world is altering many traditional expectations and behaviors.

Besides, there are plusses. Shopping online is quick. Items might arrive soon despite questionable delivery chains. (Late deliveries would force thinking ahead, ordering earlier.) There are worries of greater online prices but also valuable offsets. Online shopping can cancel searching by roaming, wasting both time and gasoline.

Dear Friends: Post-pandemic behavioral adjustments are highly instructive. Diana

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