A Mini Vacation

Farmhouse, Alfalfa, OR

Friday, February 18, 2022

(“Cold Moon” phase is “Waning Gibbous”; March’s fullest, the “Worm Moon,” rises 3/18.)

Yesterday, the year-old pup I adopted last Thanksgiving received an initial round of vaccinations. Now she’s good to go running with her pack beyond my fenced yard. When I told her that, she wasn’t interested.

Okay, Mitzvah, but there’s more; you’ve gained weight! Now you’re ten pounds, looking bigger and healthier. Still not interested? Okay, then get this. Next week it’s arranged, you’ll go on a play date with Petey, the Gilberts’ Border Terrier. He might outweigh you, be slightly bigger, but no worries. You’ll outrun him anyway. Because you’re Ms. J. Russell/x; and that’s what you do.

Julie Gilbert and I discussed a play date for months, but until I could attend a veterinary appointment for vaccinations, Mitzvah was safest being confined. That is, if my fenced one-third acre dog-space is a “confinement.” Within, Mitzvah typically is found racing and leading my other four dogs, all larger than she.

Three days off from work this week were a welcome break. My horses daily could travel down the road to graze all afternoons on a neighbor’s pasture. Another nearby neighbor, Johnny, often joined our walks, and happily I’d turn over a couple of ropes. He loves leading equines!

On pasture grass, my three are in heaven. In late afternoons I show up and call. The trio comes running and kicking the air. After their carrot rewards, we head for home.

Dear Friends: Three days off makes me resist resuming the “employee mode.” Diana

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