“I don’t care if it is plant based, you’re creeping everyone out.

Saturday, February 18, 2022

(“Cold Moon” is “Waning Gibbous”; New Moon @ 3/1, “Worm Moon” fullest @ 3/18.)

I can’t resist borrowing the above two-sided jab cartoon from the most recent “New Yorker.” It’s ironic; it makes me laugh while also triggering fears of a scary future. Pictures are powerful, and this one I keep recalling.

These days most everything seems ironic. Consider how our “dependable moon” stimulates fantasy. After working yesterday’s late shift, I drove home facing the not fully risen “Cold Moon.” My mind couldn’t resist transforming the still-bright light into something like guidance, elevating a sense of hope, precisely as moonlight’s done for humanity through eons.

It’s essential to feel gratitude for cartoons, moons, and other symbols. They keep us aware of sharing fragilities and strengths. They provide reassurance that no one alone has worries or unique optimisms. We interpret daily the unending news, hoping to learn of big and little problem solutions. Those constructive activities help us cope with the world while fearing its ways.

Dear Friends: Meanings arise among the yin and yang of existence. Diana

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