Backyard Birds

Abbby Gilbert and chicken

Sunday, February 20, 2022

(“Cold Moon” @ “Waning Gibbous”; New Moon @ 3/1, “Worm Moon” fullest @ 3/18.)

Yesterday the feed store where I work part-time sold the few remaining baby chickens. Many who enjoy the birds came in to purchase or simply see what’s in stock. I listened to “chicken stories” from visitors’ past and present lives through the day and shared some of my hard-earned wisdom.

It’s a non-brainer to suspect that recent pandemic years have boosted a general interest in having chickens. Folks staying home through the worst times discovered new hobbies on exploring for diversions. Many took up chicken-keeping. Some visiting the store have spoken of having beehives and how environmental circumstances make chicken-keeping easier than bee-keeping.

I’m watching my two big roosters, still getting along though sharing too few hens. My newest problem is seeing that the dominant rooster doesn’t like the two hen turkeys. He sees them as some sort of threat and gives chase. The turkeys are bigger but neither fast movers nor fighters. I love this rooster but worry that he’s begun to tread a thin line.

Ahead today, I’ll be chicken-less and focusing on the more extensive section of Animal Health. Maybe hearing customers’ stories about having horses, cattle, pigs, goats, and/or sheep. I’ll be in a listening mode and understand the role as a learning experience.

Dear Friends: This morning, just a quick hello and have a good day. Diana

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