Brain Boosts

Monday, February 21, 2022

(“Cold Moon” @ “Waning Gibbous”; New Moon @ 3/1, “Worm Moon” fullest @ 3/18.)

I read national media and often worry about the environment, economy, and political world mishegoss. All those problems affect little old me in real-time here in Central Oregon. Some “whys” are emptier grocery shelves, higher prices everywhere, and drying-up, desperately needing rain in Central Oregon. Whew!

I worry about being stuck in such conditions. The popular media report on “action ways” to elevate anxious or bad moods. They recommend journaling, hiking, working out, or escaping into fiction and movies.

I have learned to elevate my worrying moods by practicing how to divert my thoughts. The bottom line is having gained more control over my brain processes.

The first step was to identify my feelings. Were they worried, sad, or simply bad moods? The second step was having an internal conversation with my brain. It went something like this: “Brain, I appreciate you. I understand your concerns about our future and negative challenges. But could we shift? Would you provide something more positive for me to think about?” I learned to “listen” for the brain’s response. It always does. A suggestion gears up my thinking and elevates my mood.

I practice often, “Having talks with my brain.” I speak with consideration, or in other words, treat myself well and anticipate kind responses. After all, my brain is me. I must practice being kind to myself.

Dear Friends: These thoughts are preliminary to an upcoming writing goal. Diana

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