Harmony & Peace

Thursday, February 24, 2022

(“Cold Moon” @ “Waning Crescent”; New Moon “Worm Moon” @ 3/1, fullest @ 3/1,8.)

As of yesterday, War! In our “age of enlightenment,” and world nations sharing one planet and knowing it’s in crisis, how does anyone in “a right mind” initiate war with another country? Wars cost money and lives, utilize modern weapons to target and kill accurately. Even very-oddball leaders, like North Korea’s front-man, sputters threats and refrains from starting a significant war.

Putin is crazy, and his game is on.

I carefully selected today’s header image. It shows my dogs beside a canal, almost as pretty as an Old Master painting. It’s a peaceful scene of living and being together, suggesting what ought to be for us all.

Today, I have a day off from the feed store. I’ll draft a magazine article featuring Lisa’s aviary. I’ll take Mitzvah, my busy little J. Russell/x, for a play date with Petey, the Gilberts’ Border Terrier. And, Dang, it! I’ll change that malfunctioning GFCI letting my trough waters freeze.

Dear Friends: And like us all, hoping it’s possible to halt a madman’s dream. Diana

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