Feeding Frenzy

Friday, February 25, 2022

(“Cold Moon” @ “Waning Crescent”; New Moon is “Worm Moon” @ 3/1, fullest @ 3/18.)

I’m drafting for publication the story of Lisa’s unique aviary. Yesterday, I returned to gather new images and more about how she created the beautiful place.

One of my photo objectives was related to my part-time job in a feed store. Lisa purchases from the store chicken feeders and hangs them high to feed finches and canaries. Yesterday, she staged perfect shots by not feeding birds until I arrived. That let me capture the feeders loaded with birds.

Here’s another image.

The most colorful bird, second from left, is a male. So is that bird at far right. I wished for close-ups of those guys, but they’re too quick. Soon as I spotted one perched and shifted my camera, he flew. That camera can stop action, but not that of those little quickies.

Here, he looks up at a lady friend. This capture also shows decorative perches and trees inside the aviaries.

I’ll save most of the aviary story for our article, except for this irresistible nest. Lisa lowered it yesterday, showing brand-new babies moments after hatching. They’re all-skin bundles with big eyes and have sparse baby feathers sticking up. The whole sweet group is smaller than my hand.

Look closely, and you’ll see a beautiful egg, not yet hatched.

I will make a print of a “feeder with birds” image and offer it to the feed store. It perfectly demonstrates a creative way of “putting to work” a product beyond its designated purpose.

Dear Friends: So much to write about and with many delightful images. Diana

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