Winters, Now & Before

Saturday, February 26, 2022

(“Cold Moon” @ “Waning Crescent”; New Moon is “Worm Moon” @ 3/1, fullest @ 3/18.)

Our cold snap is ending, thanks to the powers that be. Recent and very low temps blew out the GFCI that controls heaters in my horses’ water troughs. The intense cold seemed too much for me to try being on my knees to work on the GFCI, so I elected multiple times daily to chop ice in the troughs. That’s been worrisome, for thick ice chunks quickly re-freeze, denying animals access to drinkable water.

Today will initiate a welcome warming trend. Speaking to weather preferences is tricky because our area desperately needs snow and rain. Preferable weather conditions are a double-edged sword. I’d less have minded last week’s extreme cold if not for the GFCI and horse-drinking worries.

I remind myself that annual very cold weather snaps usually bring unexpected problems. I remind myself that thinking ahead would be preferable to reflecting from hindsight, as now I’m doing.

To be honest, I’ve wondered about that GFCI, if it might be on the fringe after several years of operating. I’ve changed the GFCI before but it’s not a job I’m capable of completing quickly. Besides, working with bare hands in single and double-digit temps, makes fingers start to freeze and hands become intensely painful.

Before leaving for work later in the morning, maybe I will tackle the GFCI problem. A successful outcome so the horses may drink anytime would ease my mind.

The feed store where I work is expanding my retailing experience by giving me a broader range of responsibilities. Besides selling chickens and associated merchandise, I’m now assisting with sales and merchandising in the Animal Health Department, also assisting in the Clothing Department, and am a back-up cash register operator.

Those changes are making my days more interesting. The hours away from home pass quickly, and returning home always feels good.

Plus, I was included in a year-end bonus!

Dear Friends: One thing lovely about aging is the shedding of some old worries. Diana

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