Boxed In

Thursday, March 03, 2022

(New Moon, the status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

I couldn’t believe that yesterday I forgot to go home although scheduled to work a half-day. After complaining of not feeling challenged at work, I received permission to take it upon myself to learn more about the organization’s needs and expand my role. Several co-workers teamed individually with me yesterday to explain the business’s inventory and stocking methods, and help me understand how to participate more.

I liked that and practiced accessing unfamiliar in-store computer sites. I spent time roaming the “back-stock” area to learn workers’ roles and locations of specific merchandise.

Meanwhile, new baby chicks were due to arrive and customers phoning about if they were in. I awaited a call from the Post Office before picking them up. Much happened yesterday to illustrate that the business of selling live animals isn’t particularly kind.

I’m facing a new challenge: balancing inner feelings opposed to boredom and unkindness against wanting to learn and work outside the home. Ironically, it’s not a brand-new condition because workplace environments always foster personal challenges.

To simplify the point, we cope in an imperfect world.

Dear Friends: Overcoming or avoiding disappointment isn’t an easy choice. Diana

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