Writing Is A Process

Friday, March 04, 2022

(New Moon, the status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

I’ve been writing a magazine article early in the mornings about Lisa’s beautiful aviary populated with lively and healthy small birds. I’ve reworked various stabs, rejects that were dead-ends initially, and a narrative begins shaping. A target audience of popular magazine readers requires a logical and easy-reading piece.

Writing goals and objectives may become tangled. One scribbles, steps away, looks again and rewrites, steps away, and so on again. Soon and fortunately, Lisa also will have a say, and together we will strengthen the draft.

Whew! Writing to a specific readership has the challenge of pre-identified readers dictating everything. How people tend to read is a critical factor as a writer develops theme tones and selects words that communicate quickly.

In blogging, I write what’s on my mind for a general audience. My rule of thumb is to produce short, logical, and easy-to-read pieces. Sometimes, oops, I fail, usually from a need to say whatever was produced. Mostly, I try to improve by working carefully to structure themes and sentences.

The magazine article represents a short, energetic flight into new space. It’s hard work with goals and objectives, and also fun, excellent learning.

Dear Friends: If this blog seems a “structured oops,” call it writer’s-obsession. Diana

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