Pet Stories

Saturday, March 05, 2022

(New Moon, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

A kind customer shared this irresistible photo of her pet pig and baby chicks.

I hear some of the best stories while at work from people in the store to buy or just pausing to look at the chickens. Everyone has chicken stories. Sometimes there’s only one, and it occurred long ago in a person’s childhood.

My current story is about losing one of the tykes I brought home a few days ago. She had been among the shipment of several hundred infants, lost by the Post Office and “stuck somewhere” in frigid weather for three days. Many of those babies were DOA, and others shortly after arriving at the store. Of my two survivors from that group, one continues to hold on.

Last night, I added that baby to a brooder containing the two chicks I brought home last week. A young customer’s landlord wouldn’t let him keep them, and the store doesn’t accept chicken returns. I adopted the two, tiny, cold, and weak, but they rallied. Although these chicks are older and bigger than their new brooder-mate, they accepted a newbie. This morning, all three are sleeping in a little pile.

That’s all, on another early-to-work morning.

Dear Friends: Pig stories are fun, too, making me want a pet pig! Diana

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