Friday, March 11, 2022

(Waxing Gibbous, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

On yesterday’s chilly morning, Peaches and I went out together for a short walk. We should have waited until the afternoon, which really warmed up. No matter, he was a happy camper in the chill.

I went briefly to the store that employs me to attend a mandatory team meeting. A lovely thing happened as the manager pulled and read aloud feedback notes from a suggestion box. There was a note from a customer complimenting the way I helped him and his children purchase chickens. I needed a kind note!

Today, I’ll have lunch with a supervisor who likes me not a whit better than I like him. We must discuss our differences, finding common ground to prevent our mutual dislike from intensifying. I don’t look forward to the event but will make an effort. Whichever way today’s discussion turns out, I’ll choose to continue working with him or to initiate one of several possible changes.

Some of my best conversations are with Peaches. Our experiences and viewpoints differ significantly but don’t come between us. Maybe that isn’t the best example, but it feels pretty good.

My two roosters, now nine months old, are beginning to fight with each other seriously. It’s not looking suitable for having both continue to live together. The subordinate rooster, a drop-dead gorgeous Cuckoo Maran, needs a new home. Does anybody out there want him?

Dear Friends: Now, I’ll get up and go on with this day. Diana

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