Moonset, March 12, 2022

Saturday, March 12, 2022

(Waxing Gibbous, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

The setting moon’s brightness awakened me at two-something this morning. I went outside with the dogs and a camera. The sky was overcast and the moon fuzzy but appearing soft and lovely on its way to fullness next Friday.

On Friday, I must be working in the feed store exactly as that full moon first rises. So, on Thursday evening, I will go out and capture it rising as “almost max.” That’ll be plenty exciting.

When it’s about adorableness, Peaches is hard to top. Last night, he enjoyed a taquito dinner.

Years ago, a shrink told me that if I run away from conflicts, I will always run from them instead of learning to face them. Sometimes I face up, and did yesterday by lunching with a difficult supervisor. We needed to talk, were honest and friendly. We gained insight and respect, returning to work feeling optimistic about collaborating. Back at work, I increased my scope of doing what’s needed, stayed better in touch; and he spoke more kindly into my “radio ear.”

His feedback pointed out that my focus sometimes narrows and ignores mainstream activities. That because I don’t yet understand fully the working environment’s needs. I’ll correct that.

Yet again, Shakespeare said it best, in the year 1600, with “All’s well that ends well.”

Dear Friends: Early tomorrow, let’s remember to turn clocks forward an hour. Diana

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