Roos Aplenty

Bantam Rooster, Pansy, circa 2010

Monday, March 14, 2022

(Waxing Gibbous, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

A customer walked into the store….

He wanted to buy a few baby chicks to add to his mature flock. Also, he wondered if I might know where he could obtain a rooster.

Oh, yeah, happens I do know!

The fellow and I soon again will be in touch. When he’s ready to handle a rehoming, I’ll crate up my drop-dead-gorgeous Cuckoo Maran. My out-of-the-box plan is to gather the bird while he roosts and is half-asleep. I’ll examine the world of internet to learn how others do it.

I’ll also ask our chicken-experienced customers. Those who’ve “done it all” usually share and advise willingly.

Besides worrying that I have two roosters sharing too few hens, I’ve been eyeing one of my new baby chicks. It’s bigger than its brooder mates, and maybe its tail is growing upwards. “Oy vey,” I say.

The header picture shows Pansy, a most beautiful bantam. Pansy surprised me, first by crowing, and again when the little critter began relentlessly to attack me, without ever a thought and bent on protecting his hens. Fortunately, someone wanted Pansy, and off he went.

If and after my Mr. Cuckoo becomes transferred, I’ll listen for a possible new Crower. I’ll immediately start marketing the new guy if such a sound happens.

Customers sometimes arrive requesting help for re-homing their roosters and Toms. I’ve not thought much about that, and now it’ll change. I’ll collect pictures, if possible, and start putting out the word.

How cool to work where it’s possible to help facilitate unwanted bird exchanges.

Dear Friends: Beautiful roosters deserve their own flocks. Diana

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