Roo Attacks

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

(Waxing Gibbous, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

To my disappointment and great anger, both my roosters have begun attacking me. Even the dominant bird who’s been very gentle. So, both are nine months old and becoming mature. Neither still are nice.

I’ve wrestled about how to catch and move the less-dominate annoying rooster. Suddenly now, I must figure out how to deal with both.

Honestly, last night when King Roo went after me, I felt like grabbing a 2×4 and finishing him off. Here’s hoping I am a better person than that.

I have some names of people wanting roosters. First, though, is how to capture the guys and keep them safe somewhere.

Really, their breeds are gentle and good flock birds. I believed these two would stay nice, especially the dominant guy. Both birds are beautiful, just doing their jobs, but I’m no enemy; the flock needs me. These guys are becoming my enemies. If they go missing, the hens would be fine, and better, in fact, for there would be none dis-feathered and pitiful looking.

Dear Friends: One confronts one problem, and boom! faces another. Diana

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