Waxing “Worm”

Setting Moon, March 16, 2022

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

(Waxing Gibbous, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @ fullest, March 18.)

I’m in love with the Worm Moon, beautiful already although not quite full.

I’m also in love with news that the U.S. Senate has made permanent throughout the nation Daylight Savings Time. WooHoo!

No more turnings of our clocks. Ahead in winter, there will be daylight in the early evenings.

All good starts for this morning.

Early today, little Mitzvah will go in for spaying and for final vaccinations. Russ, our farrier, is in town and coming here to do his magic. In this mix, and (about time!), Richard is re-doing the in-house flooring and fixing “other stuff”.

These mornings, I’m having a Dickens of a time getting onto wi-fi. This laptop is a couple of years old and lately has been slowing. These days, its reluctance is becoming more obvious. I suppose it’s time to find a new laptop.

I intend for a more powerful machine in the next round. That means a heavy duty processor capable of handling all the Photoshop software offers. The creative editing options need a top line processor to run fully the program. I learned this early with my current laptop. Even when brand new, it couldn’t pull up much of “Photoshop”, except the most basic elements.

I must pack up and go now, to get Mitzvah early to the Veterinary.

Dear Friends: Ahead, a warmish day, hope you can make it a great one. Diana

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