Worms, Wars, Cones

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

(FULL, the current status of “Worm Moon,” @March 18.)

The Full Worm Moon will rise tomorrow evening. That’ll happen while I’m still at work. So, this evening I’ll take my camera to capture a rising, almost-full moon. That’ll be close enough to the experience of watching a most-entire moon appear above the dim horizon.

The Worm Moon signals changes in the weather that introduce spring. Basically, worms are coming out as the soil warms and providing food for wildlife. The Worm Moon refers to early spring and new beginnings, nudging humans to be optimistic.

Could warming earth and shifting toward spring help soften a warrior’s cold heart? Hey, Mr. Putin, do you copy?

Interesting that many Russian citizens are awakening to the modern world, thanks to such as social media. Ordinary people are realizing that the whole of Earth is a highly interdependent community. Populations are learning and people starting to speak up, wanting “says” about their futures.

Whatever happens in Putin’s War, nations ought never again to fight. Technology and communications make the stakes too high. But crazy men are crazy men, and Putin’s one. So’s that guy in North Korea. On the other hand, Xi might be more calculating than crazy.

That’s my Worm Mood this day. I’m hanging somewhere on a curve between optimism and pessimism. Actually, my position leans toward optimism, and during tonight’s moonrise, I’ll dance with a camera and cheer the awakening worms.

Dear Friends: Lil’ Mitzvah, spayed, microchipped, inoculated, wears “the cone.” Diana

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