Hello, Tomorrow

Saturday, March 19, 2022

(Waning Gibbous @98%, the current status of “Worm Moon,” Next Full Moon @April 16.)

A failing hard drive forces me to take action and get a new computer. My current laptop links up to wi-fi but without a solid signal that accesses programs rapidly. This morning, it took nearly an hour to connect to my usual daily platforms. The biggest problem, accessing Word Press, gobbles time and patience.

It wouldn’t be as awful if I could communicate to readers, “No blog today because of computer issues,” but only Word Press knows readers and addresses. That’s fine until it isn’t, like today, when accessing the platform to write seemed unlikely.

These daily blogs began years ago; I forget how many. I was living on a rocky property and worrying about tripping and becoming injured. The blog was a way of saying to close friends, “Good morning, and I don’t need assistance with the animals.” After a while, “Good morning, etc.” seemed too little. As I practiced writing more creatively, the blog simply grew.

Writing has become a way of working through jumbled morning thoughts. I awaken from sleep remembering dream fragments. I read newspapers and make plans to accommodate a day’s activities. Blog writing provides a channel of focus, helping me organize and prioritize whatever’s in my head.

This morning, I’m explaining my intent to continue writing daily, and giving a heads-up about current difficulties of accessing wi-fi. Hopefully, I’ll continually get on line to communicate, while also working to identify an appropriate laptop.

Dear Friends: Thank you for “being there” and reading, more than I can say. Diana

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