Spring Equinox

Sunday, March 20, 2022

(March’s “Worm Moon,” Waning Gibbous @94.3%”; April’s full “Pink Moon,” rising @4/16.)

It’s today! At 8:33 a.m., PST, the spring equinox occurs. It marks winter’s end and spring’s first day in the Northern Hemisphere.

An equinox moment is when the sun’s direct rays strike Earth’s equator before crossing into the Northern Hemisphere. That instant splits daylight and darkness equally so that each becomes twelve hours long, nearly everywhere on Earth. It’s our transition toward warmer and brighter days.

Annually, dancing in my head celebrates the spring equinox. Ah, blissful springtime! I’ll no longer have to slog outside in the darkness, and bundled in heavy outerwear, to feed my horses, goats, and chickens. The same for most activities. Warmth and light allow us to accomplish more in less time. They elevate our mood, easing some routine activities.

It’ll be significant this working day, my sighting of spring. In the current “chicken season,” as the store’s “chicken person,” I’m burdened by the challenges of selling and cleaning. Today, by setting my sights on the coming light and weather changes, I’ll change my perspective, making the work seem lighter.

The dark and cold winter that consumed calories and effort gives way to longer days. Those will lend “the good” by hosting meet-ups with friends and playtimes with pets.

Dear Friends: Time, weather, and light significantly affect our moods. Diana

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