Monday, March 21, 2022

(March’s “Worm Moon,” Waning Gibbous @87.4%”; April’s full “Pink Moon,” rises @4/16.)

I’m considering getting a high-end Apple laptop to accommodate a complex program I wish to use. Namely, the entire suite, Photoshop.

I have some experience with Photoshop. Its extensive editing capabilities allow for creating dream photos. I don’t wish to alter images significantly; instead, I want to enhance clarity and objectivity.

The vast software is offered as streaming. Instructions are necessary, so one attends YouTube University, where many explanations detail ways to use and accomplish. It’s been a couple of years since I last began learning and using, before discovering that my then-new laptop lacked enough power to utilize the program. Once again, and armed with a more powerful laptop, I will tackle learning Photoshop from scratch.

Switching to Apple seems a good idea. Its proprietary software might offer protection better than open software does. Anyway, more research for what might suit my imagination, ambition, and pocketbook.

Dear Friends: We’re comforted by routine; even simple changes are complex. Diana

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