Saturday, March 26, 2022

(March’s “Worm Moon,” Waning Crescent @25.4%”; New Moon 3/31; April full “Pink Moon,” rises @4/16.)

Yesterday, I received a surprise check tagged “secret shopper.” Asking why I learned that secret shoppers anonymously enter our store and interact with employees. The “shoppers” score employees’ performance against a set of criteria. Someone “shopped me” and scored my performance high.

Surprise money is a nice-to-have. Better is receiving good feedback. Interesting is that afterwards I tuned more into real-time feedback offered by customers, actual or otherwise.

Yesterday afternoon, several customers who wanted to keep chickens for the first time said how much they appreciated my time and the information I offered. I often hear this and don’t give it much thought because it’s how I work.

My philosophy is that anyone willing to shop and spend in our store (i.e., its purpose for being) deserves attention and information. Essentially my understanding of sales is “old school.” I’ve worked as a sales trainer, have owned a business and done cold-calling, and it serves, too, that I enjoy talking with people.

Ahead, while working I’ll think about sales behavior, and tune-in more to spontaneous feedback. It bothers me that sales performance couldn’t much improve by secret shopper scores alone. Salespeople need hands-on training and real-time feedback. Assistance and encouragement from supervisors is what improves performance. Not occasional anonymous bonuses, or as must be too, no bonuses.

On those notes I am going to say bye-bye. Today, it’s early to work.

Dear Friends: That check triggers the vast field of social interactions. Diana

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