“Queen of Basketball”

Monday, March 28, 2022

(March’s “Worm Moon,” Waning Crescent @16.1%”; New Moon 3/31; April full “Pink Moon,” rises @4/16.)

I frittered away this morning’s writing time by watching one of the most terrific videos I’ve ever seen. A 20-minutes long, true story about a young woman basketball player, Lusia Harris. She in college played the game well and became famous. The NBA offered to draft her.

Her successes occurred early in years of opening opportunities for women in sports. She was 6’3″ tall and a natural for basketball. A great player, she also became an Olympian winner.

The video won this year’s Academy Award. And deserved to, with a well written story, superbly shot, with excellent time-layering. I couldn’t quit watching, and will again.

Now, I love Lusia Harris. She is among my heroes.

I’m out of time to write. Enjoy for yourself Lusia’s story.


Dear Friends: She passed away last January. What are your thoughts? Diana

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