Pink & Gray

Monday, April 18, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waning Gibbous @96.1%”; Next full moon, May 15.)

Last night, a full Pink Moon, glorious in the sky, lit my path home after work. After becoming busy with the animals, I didn’t manage to photograph the moon.

Easter Sunday meant few customers in the store where I work. Some were looking for chicks, perhaps inspired by the holiday. Many intending to become first-time chicken-keepers were fun to chat with. I enjoyed taking them on tours, explaining breeds and what’s unique about each.

I’m still thinking about drafting a “chicken story,” maybe a fantasy from a chick’s viewpoint or mine. Just think, if the latest, most powerful artificial intelligence software were available, I could suggest high points, and cyberspace would write out my ideas, creating an entire story correctly punctuated, and applying grammar rules. Instead, writers these days still must slug it out, word by word and line by line, linking thought fragments logically to compel a reader’s attention.

Yes, I would seek a computer’s assistance with my work. Anyway, the future will have that happening for us all.

Imagine a customer calling a feed store to inquire about chickens with a computer voice responding. That voice will reveal what kinds of and how many chicks are available, their prices, and if a caller wishes to know more, how to care for baby chickens. That voice will eliminate a phone-answering human role.

Adding a self-checkout kiosk will eliminate a cashiering role. Adding a mechanical robot will eliminate physical work by humans. Soon, driverless cars will be familiar road companions. The possibilities are endless and already taking us into a world of ever-increasing cyberspace technology.

Imagine saying, “Hey, computer, write a fantasy about baby chickens.” Imagine receiving a 2,000-word printout with an appealing start and satisfying conclusion. I wonder how fiction readers might react.

Does reading pleasure come from sensing a companionship to another’s brain?

Dear Friends: All fun to consider and scary to wish for. Diana

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