Fantasy & Experience

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waning Gibbous @89.8%”; Next full moon, May 15.)

This is our last freezing day for a while; it’ll be a rainy one. Tomorrow will introduce a string of rising temperatures. I don’t complain about the wet stuff. Our area is desperate for lots of it, but a break will make caring for my property easier.

I spend many days away working part-time but in a full-time mode. My job is less interesting than in the beginning, when each day challenged me to learn. Now, knowing how to perform the necessary work, I gather knowledge while talking with customers and selling chickens.

Knowing is one thing, but understanding is another. Customers communicate from the individual perspective, with most seeking days-old baby chickens from romantic feelings. They wish to love chicks, see them grow and become a flock, and they want to gather eggs. There’s a backside called learning. Chicks can become sick and even die, which is disheartening.

Moreover, baby chicks need attention and care for weeks, with lots of cleaning, feeding, and watering. Finally, they need a coop adequately protecting against predators. I hear of chicken losses from hawks, raccoons, and, more sadly, destructive loose dogs.

Recently, a policeman came in to choose replacement chicks for someone who has lost thirty mature hens to loose dogs. The policeman said they knew to whom those dogs belonged but couldn’t prove it. I should have asked how the chicken owner planned to prevent another attack. I’ll save that question for next time.

People’s fantasies and learning experiences become a unique body of knowledge. The tiny chicks encourage imagination and anticipation. Indeed, real-time experiences may be surprising, disappointing, and disheartening. Even for me, a seller of chicks, hearing some customers planning to use adorable babies as meat birds.

Fantasies reveal an individual’s wishes for pleasure and gain. People with varying worldviews have inclinations that are agreeable or arguable. I try to avoid those that feel disagreeable.

Dear Friends: Unlikeable elements mean having to “learn on the jaw.” Diana

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