Boot Stories

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

(April’s “Pink Moon” is Waning Gibbous @82.1%”; Next full moon, May 15.)

A guy comes into the store’s shoe section, looks around, takes off his boots and tries on new ones. Here’s the thing, he loves his old boots; they’re comfortable, dependable, real friends. Yeah, they’re pretty beat up, the soles are splitting off, but they’re the best.

This gets repeated all the time, especially among men and even non-ranching types. Men love wearing old, dilapidated, and faithful boots. I’m not counting out women; many work hard wearing and loving a pair of worn boots. But men take the cake when it’s about continuing to wear awful-looking beat-ups. “New boots aren’t as comfortable, haven’t as much appeal as my old ones.”

You can’t judge books by their covers nor individuals by their footwear. Boots can tell their own stories. Their looks conjure up probabilities as to histories and wearers.

People can be teased a little about wearing old boots, but not too much. It’s a matter of personal preference and pride.

Dear Friends: In the details, we’re often unique and exciting. Diana

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