Gettin’ There

Thursday, April 21, 2022

April "Pink Moon" Waning Gibbous @71.5%; Next full moon, May 15.

This city has changed dramatically. There’s an ever-increasing population, and everywhere, new construction. Higher traffic is causing lots of street-changing.

Twenty years ago, on first moving here, I could drive across town in seven minutes. Today’s drive takes thirty-five minutes or more because of traffic, road closures, and detours. Thus, it’s no small matter that my bank has moved. It’s no longer nearby on the east side of town, but now it is a cumbersome drive away on the west side.

Understandably, land options and high rents will cause businesses to consolidate and move. For those reasons, the local feed store where I work is the last in town. The others have moved away to nearby cities, more cumbersome drives away. So, the local feed store is a benefitting survivor.

I get it why my long-time bank has moved across town. Not enjoying having a longer, more difficult drive to reach it, I’m thinking about changing my bank. That doesn’t feel easy as banking regulations have changed. Choosing a bank or credit union means knowing which might be best.

The jury is out, but deliberations are continuing. My current bank in a high-rent area might decide to close its local branch entirely. Banking online or by phone are inconsistent, for systems fail, impeding service, causing delay and heartburn.

Maybe I’ll stop deliberating and get into action.

Dear Friends: Well, finally, and likely the best idea, is changing where I bank. Diana

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