Baby Steps

Lisa & Special, 2009

Friday, April 29, 2022

April “Pink Moon” Waning Crescent @1.7%; Next Full Moon, May 15.

“Pink Moon” is disappearing; New Moon arrives tomorrow.

I’m still in memory lane.

The header photo shows my first horses, two fine Tennessee Walkers, mama Lisa and her daughter Special. The two had never been separated and I wasn’t about to do so. When I brought them home, Lisa was thirty-three and Special twenty-two.

I knew nothing about riding and didn’t intend to learn, but my new ranch had a fenced acre. Having the horses seemed a cool idea.

I understood that TW horses were smooth movers. I entertained fantasies but feared trying to ride and settled on just having them. They were well-mannered and easy to be around, and I enjoyed handling and grooming them.

Shortly into that year, I was diagnosed and treated for cancer, with chemo a low point in my adult life. During my long recovery period and wishing to feel well again, I decided to gift myself. I would learn to ride.

I randomly picked a date months ahead to become the day of mounting. Meanwhile, I studied the internet for tips on saddling and bridling, acquired equipment, and practiced with it. Finally, my cancer was in remission, and later, came the targeted date. I would get onto a horse.

I managed to saddle and bridle. I took a deep breath, climbed a two-step ladder, and waited. The horse didn’t move. I slid a leg over the saddle, paused, and then shifted the rest of me into place. She didn’t move. I sat wondering, what now? It occurred to me to lift the reins, and I timidly muttered, “Giddy-up.”

She started to walk.

I felt elated. First, I had managed to recover from the worst time in my adult life, and second, I was fulfilling a secret dream of riding horseback.

In a few years, Lisa passed away. Meanwhile, Special introduced me to a new enjoyable world. She carried me over local forest and mountain trails and made me a surprisingly good rider. She made it easy to meet new, like-minded friends. We rode and enjoyed our horses.

Dear Friends: A never-ending beginning; horses still are outstanding. Diana

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Absolutely amazing that you did that all by yourself. My first riding experience was with my father, an experienced horseman, & later with a riding master. The idea of doing it alone opens a vast new perspective. Just WOW!


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