Row of Ducklings

Khaki Campbell Ducklings

Saturday, April 30, 2022

New Moon @1.0%; Full “Flower Moon,” + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible in Bend, May 15.

A day or two ago, the feed store where I sell infant fowl received a shipment of baby ducks. They were the breed, Khaki Campbell. We often receive ducklings as “dry runs,” meaning the hatchery didn’t identify sexes, and there’s a fifty-percent chance of each as male or female. These Khaki Campbells had been sexed and all were females. Two cuties came home with me.

Yesterday at work, there were more new ducklings, Swedish Blues, and a dry run. All the ducklings quickly sold out, except for two Swedish Ducks in a “hospital tank.” (That’s where weaker infants may be observed, helped, and [hopefully] will improve.) This pair came home with me.

Swedish Blue Ducklings

Already having plenty of infant birds, I didn’t need more and struggled over adding these. I decided yes for having wanted ducks since December. Those days, I worked at a cash register and enjoyed quick chats with customers. Those with pet ducks spoke of fun with their critters and loved them. One described harnessing her devoted male duck and going for walks with him. Another customer didn’t eat eggs and brought me duck eggs to try. I poached those big giant eggs and loved the taste.

Now of four ducks, the Khakis are thriving and certainly will lay eggs. One of the Swedish looks vigorous, but the other, tiny and dullish, does drink water, snuggles with its companions, and (fingers crossed) may perk up.

Dear Friends: Unless these are the final adoptions, I should change where I work. Diana

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