Sunday, May 01, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Crescent @0.5%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on, May 15.

A cashier in the feed store where I work asked, “Did you take a tip from someone.” She said a customer checking out at the register had mentioned me, saying I was a “sweet salesperson” and that he had wanted to tip me. My young coworker overheard and was curious.

In the store with his wife, I remembered that man. He asked many questions about how to keep chickens and expressed great interest in my answers. I spent time describing chicken breeds, showing coops on display, and explaining how their standard designs accommodate typical bird behaviors. Toward the end, he repeatedly tried giving me a twenty-dollar cash tip. I refused to take it.

He tried repeatedly and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t accept the money.

I said, “I am glad you are pleased and don’t need a tip. I just was doing my job.”

Finally, he asked, “What then can I do to reward you?”

“You could tell the store manager I did a good job.”

I don’t know if he contacted the manager. Now, it was surprising to hear he had mentioned wanting to tip me to a cashier, and that another cashier who overheard was asking about it.

I tried to explain why I didn’t accept his cash for doing good work. I’m not sure why now and wasn’t at the time. Our loading folks and delivery guys take tips. I’ve seen tips handed through car windows to fellows who pump gasoline. Taxi and Uber drivers take tips. They’re just doing their jobs.

I did not accept an unusual cash reward for what I continuously do in the chicken area, for bunches of customers, answering questions about chicken types and maintenance needs. More reasons for refusing would be guesses.

My young coworker looked thoughtful. Me, too. Why didn’t I accept the cash as most others might have done?

Dear Friends: Always, some “whys” are puzzlements ripe for exploring. Diana

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