Monday 03, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Crescent @6.9%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

My roosters are crowing, and I enjoy the sounds. Many people feel otherwise, and thus, roosters are not allowed inside city limits.

I don’t enjoy my roosters, beautiful as they are. They seem brainy enough to avoid attacking me. They do consider doing so but pause, from being young and not up to full strength or because of my handy boom.

Today, I will release into the flock three young hens ready to be integrated. I worry less about how the roosters will behave than how the Rhode Island Red might greet them. She is the head hen and might not like seeing newbies. I’ll hang around watching and learning.

This day looks beautiful, and I don’t have to work; well, not at the feed store, but there’s lots of catching up at home.

I especially need to catch up with myself. I seem to run in many directions. I will use this free day to reflect on what is essential, to refocus, replan, and re-energize. This lofty ideal I hope to learn to write about more clearly. First, I must put the thoughts into action and self-check for outcomes.

Dear Friends: Today is excellent weather for horseback riding! Diana


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