Wednesday 04, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Crescent @12.5%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

This year is nearing its midpoint; the summer solstice will occur in weeks. It rocks my head, for in Central Oregon, summer barely is here. Yesterday, I purchased a couple of short-sleeved shirts, planning to start wearing them soon. As it turned out, that afternoon became warm enough to shed long sleeves for a few hours.

These days darken around eight-thirty. The solstice period will extend daylights to after nine o’clock. Solstice is my favorite time of year. There’s light, aplenty, for doing chores. That goodness slips past quickly. Then starts the counting down of shortening daylights that precede fall and winter.

Among the “un-constants” of daily living are some “very constants,” measurable, predictable, and keeping humans grounded, making us hopeful. Some are the solar system, Earth’s gravity and rotations, and the dependable sun and moon.

Interestingly, humans depend on and build our lives around time, which isn’t real. Time is an un-constant, treated as a constant or semi-constant. That’s been so since time immemorial, and we’re aware, so go figure.”

Time perception is battled constantly and those play out regularly. We keep arguing the value of daylight savings versus standard time. Like many decisions delegated to a large body of decision makers, it’s perpetually unsettled.

This morning, time is getting short and outside is sunshine. I’ll slip into a t-shirt to go feed horses.

Dear Friends: My vote is to standardize a clock time with the most daylight. Diana

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