Sunday 08, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Crescent @45.5%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

Again, a growing perception of women as equal citizens is under assault. The leaked “Roe v. Wade” document declares war on women’s rights and, by inference, other individual freedoms that have improved our lives over the last fifty years.

Evangelicals and power-hungry white men, a social Band of Brothers, are floating on an ocean of social conflict. Their ploy is to destroy individual social rights while war is waged “across the world” in Ukraine. Far away are Russia and Ukraine; and now is the time to bring women and minorities under control.

That is, unless the madmen in Russia and North Korea turn to nuclear and/or biological weapons. Then war won’t be far away; it will be a major preoccupation. Until such a time, our guiding political and judicial bodies are a mess, fighting over ridiculous issues while world peace is at risk.

Joe Biden is a statesman negotiating with enlightened nations to help bolster Ukraine’s offensive. Biden has not sent America’s Armed Forces to war, different from how this country has participated in previous battles against challenges to America’s economic welfare.

Our leadership bodies are preoccupied with reducing individual rights. Their noise dims attention to possible international war and nuclear realities. Our powerful bodies in this time of national confusion are trying to sack key elements of equality and individual rights.

Historically, today, and in the future, Roe is the tip of a vast iceberg. Regardless of how Roe may work out, the goal of influential people is to corral fifty years of hard-earned gains in social equality.

I am a beneficiary of the birth control pill and Roe vs. Wade. Those elements freed women from kids and kitchens. I realized a dream of not spending my working life as a secretary by taking advantage of new night-time degree programs that allowed continuing day-time jobs. I achieved degrees and gained a career.

I had a sense of achievement and forever have been grateful for the factors that promoted widespread equal opportunities.

Dear Friends: Now, fronting the Supreme Court is an unscalable wall. Messy! Diana

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