Monday 09, 2022

“Flower Moon” in First Quarter @54.9%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

The feed store where I work has a garden department that’s been busy during the last couple of weeks; the weather has been great. Except that yesterday snow fell, enough to leave standing white stuff through afternoon and nighttime. Last evening, employees left work talking about how disappointed those who planted must feel.

This morning, I must be at the store before it opens to ready the chicks. The store has reduced my hours at my request. Now I have a four-day schedule, but it’s too wearing. I close three nights and arrive home late; I open one day but too early after a late evening.

Today, I will ask for a three-day-only schedule. The store needs someone on chicks for four days, so my role will change. I am willing to return to cashiering, would be okay closing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then being off Mondays through Thursdays.

I’ve enjoyed the chicks and am glad to have been responsible for them. I’ve learned a lot, met friendly people, and had fun. However, the physicality of chick maintenance and care has increased as more chick quantities arrive regularly for summer sales. Late and early working hours, and the business of caring for chicks, interfere with responsibilities at home.

I hope the store will work out a better schedule for me, and now I must rush.

Dear Friends: Plus, chicks are tempting; already, I have too many of them. Diana

2 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. I hope your new schedule means we and our animals will see more of you and yours. 🥰

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