Wiggle Worm

Wednesday 11, 2022

“Flower Moon” is Waxing Gibbous @75.1%; Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse, visible on May 15.

My little puppy, Chase, is nine weeks old and matures daily. A physical challenge, impossible yesterday, becomes doable today. He’s good about following, responding to my calls, but dislikes being kenneled. He squirms and protests mightily, but that’s life, fella.

Today, Mitzvah will meet up with Chase. She’s always curious and hangs around his kennel. Mitzvah is a dependable walking companion, and while with the puppy won’t lead him astray.

Chase needs his puppy shots. I have a first shot but doubt he will remain still for a sub-Q injection. It makes sense to check with the vet clinic for a brief opening today or tomorrow for a puppy shot.

Better, a neighbor might have a moment to hold Chase while I give him a shot. To a neighbor who might help, Chase will need two follow up shots, each three weeks after the one before.

I understand that when it’s time for his first rabies shot, if I show wrappers and receipts as proof he’s been vaccinated, a vet might administer just the rabies.

Immunity became an issue yesterday. Chase surprised me by drinking from a ground-level birdbath. He lacks immunity to any external condition that may attract him. The little fella, full of puppy curiosity, needs those shots.

Dear Friends: He will need managing and anchoring before receiving a shot. Diana


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